An end of a journey

I’m writing this while at the airport. Boarding to Saudi in an hour.

This is it. A journey of 4 years has come to an end.
I can never define my feelings. I surely am happy. My hard work over the last 4 years has paid off and I gladly graduated. Yet, leaving Britain can never be easy. It is indeed, bittersweet.

The 4-years-period has changed me as a person. It Taught me lessons & gave me experiences, which I don’t think I would have gained while in Saudi.
I used to be a follower, in everything. You can’t blame me, breaking the norms back home can be a serious offence. I hence never had the courage to even think differently. If Britain has given me nothing, I would still be thankful for the space it gave me to live independently and hence think differently.

They have been by far the most fruitful 4 years in my life. Full of unforgettable memories. I will always remember our reading club & the weekly meetings we had at Cafe Nero. And I will always remember the everyday-lessons I had, from friends, colleagues and even from taxi drivers.

I herby leave behind me great memories, amazing friends, and a whole experience to remember. Yet, it is just the beginning.